Casa del viaggiatore is situated in a recently renovated friary, one of Piacenza’s historic buildings. The property sleeps 82 guests, in single rooms with an en-suite bathroom and air-conditioning.

A short distance from the historic centre and close to the most important universities of the city, it offers its services to young people and students.

For limited periods of time, it also welcomes members of the clergy, families, singles or groups, self-sufficient disabled people, self-sufficient seniors.

The Casa per Ferie Casa del Viaggiatore Association and the Aurora Domus Cooperative work together to manage the facility. Both are fully referenced and qualified in managing services for youth and socially responsible tourism.


The rooms, which have recently been renovated, are all single rooms with an en-suite bathroom and furnished with blankets, sheets and towels (these are changed and washed by personnel of the facility); coin-operated washing machines to wash personal items; a common kitchen to prepare meals; a common dining room; study rooms; fully equipped fitness room; large garden with barbeque; football pitch with night lighting; vending machines with hot/cold beverages and snacks; free parking within the grounds; free Wi-Fi connection and TV socket in every room; relaxation area with TV and ‘Sky’ connection.

Annual membership fee: € 5.00


The friary was completely renovated and extended between 1937 and 1940 and the church was brought back to its original design.

During the war of 1944 the friary was damaged by aerial bombardments. Today, the church and friary present a harmonious complex, all in exposed terracotta bricks.

The church, brought back to its original design, is in “Lombard ogive” style.

The building, which was once the residence for Capuchin philosophy students, is now home to the students of the university faculties of Piacenza.